About The Eric Howard Group

In 1994, Eric Howard began working in the insurance industry. During his career that has spanned almost 20 years, he has experienced many of the ups and downs of the industry. Eric has worked to build and train agents for both captive and independent companies. He has also experienced many disappointments along the way such as the micro-managing, the lack of advancement opportunities, policy denials and customers that were unhappy with company policies. This began to take its toll on Eric. Then he found Lincoln Heritage.

“This company is simply amazing! In of all my years in this business, I have never been happier with a company than I am with Lincoln Heritage. My clients are amazed at services that Lincoln Heritage provides, particularly the compassion and support that this company offers to families when a loved one passes away.”  – Eric Howard

What We Are All About

As an agent of the Eric Howard Group you are more than just an agent, you are part of a successful family that is striving to help each other reach success. All of us understand that we have the power to change lives in our communities.

Ensuring that people seeking coverage get serviced you are helping to protect a family that could be financially devastated due to the death of a loved one. You are offering hope to people with pre-existing condition that have been denied by numerous insurance companies. You are also educating people on the types of insurance policies that are out there and teaching them what to look for.

When helping people in the community, you are also changing your own destiny. As you become financially independent, you can now be in the position to help yourself as well as others close to you. We have many agents and managers paying for college education, paying off mortgages, and preparing for retirement. In our group we do not only teach how to be successful with us, but we also teach life and financial principles.



The Eric Howard Group is expanding daily with agents and managers to meet the needs of individuals and families. Eric believes that the success of his team is built on honesty, hard work, and passion. We offer teamwork, support, and training to members of our agency as well as a successful step by step plan to follow.

“We do not believe in cheating people, stepping on toes, gimmicks, and cutting corners. Do the right thing because, it’s the right thing to do.”


“Lincoln Heritage has never disappointed me,
and I will never disappoint them.”